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Long time, no see! [26 Jun 2007|04:26pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Rachel here!!

I felt like posting because no one has in the longest time and I know everyone is just sitting there WAITING for there to be another post!

I loved Molly's analysis and in my defense, I only rooted for Logan until I saw how badly he hurt Piz. And she forgot to mention that detail! Haha I'm such a loser for taking things so seriously! And for taking it so seriously like a hundred years later!

Nothing really has been going on here... Just typical busy and such. I start working at a camp on Thursday, so that should make me tired... More tired than I usually am!!

I went upstate for my cousin's graduation this past weekend!! It was fun to see everyone because my family is awesome and funny and crazy... That's just how we roll!! The only downside is that I didn't sleep well either night... Oh well!! It's crazy to think that it's been a year since I graduated high school... The time seriously just flies by faster than anyone can every imagine! It's scary... I kind of just want to stop time... So if there are any scientists out there reading this, could you get on that? Because that would be great... Thanks!

Ok, well I guess I am done, for I have nothing else to say as of now!!

Peace. Out.


My extremely long analysis of Veronica Mars.... [23 May 2007|04:21am]
Well, I obviously never write in here anymore, but i'm starting again. ...Oh, it's Molly, by the way.

Now, what caused this change of heart, you ask. Well, I'll tell you...

Season/series finale of VM tonight. ...But it's more than that...it's also because of all the things I've read, the responses people have had to the last episode. Actually, it's more about the response people have had to the last few episodes.

Let me start by stating the obvious...I am a Piz fan! I adore Chris Lowell and his portrayal of Piz as adorably awkward and sweet and wonderful. I, in no way, think that Piz was a boring character (like Duncan was) and I in no way ever felt like Veronica and Logan HAD to end up together.

As much as I do enjoy the LoVe thing, and the chemistry that JD and KB have, I was never insane for them. I have always rooted for the underdog on VM. I am completely in love with Beaver, murderer or not. I am completely in love with Dick, asshole or not. And I am completely in love with Piz, who I found nothing at all bad about. Now, don't get me wrong, I did not like Logan with Parker, that was STUPID! But I didn't love him with V anymore either....he deserved better than her. She treated him like crap, which is what I think most VM fans don't agree with me on. I think that she was always way too hard on him, I think that he loved her the best way he knew how and I think that he was good to her, but she had an idea in her mind of the person he was and she couldn't ever see him being anything aside of the asshole bad boy. I do think that most of the problems that had were V's problems...she wasn't a great girlfriend to him, and that's why I like her with Piz, b/c she was learning to be a good girlfriend for him. She didn't want to hurt Piz, b/c he was such a good guy and he was crazy about her, so she changed her ways b/c she does care about Piz. (P.s. I am very away that I keep changing from past to present tense, but I don't care!)

I really can't stress enough how much I love V and Piz's relationship...It was the most mature relationship V's ever had, and I think she needed that. People seem to get so mad at her for changing, but that's what real people do...we are all changing all the time. I've gone through so many personality changes in my life, and I will only go through more. Wanting Veronica to stay the same is unrealistic, and while I know it's not real, it's a TV show, I think I would hate VM if it wasn't about relatable people and situations.

People who think that VM only had one good season, and that was the first season, I disagree with you. People who think that VM only had two good seasons, and they were the first and second seasons, I disagree with you also. I thought all three seasons were wonderful. Did I miss flashback? Did I miss voice overs? Did I miss arc mysteries? OF COURSE I DID!!! But I also missed Lilly, and Duncan, and Beaver, and Leo, and Mr. Wu...ya know? But things had to change. Now, would I have preferred season 3 to have been more like seasons 1 or 2? Maybe...I'm not sure...b/c there were some really great moments in season 3 that we might not have had, if the structure was different.

Now, onto some specifics. Sort of. I have really loved the past few episodes. While none of them have taken over the spot of my FAVORITE episode (<3 Plan B!!!!) they have been in the top 10 or so. I LOVED the episode with Paul Rudd...AMAZING. Really. Paul was great, mystery was stupid, but I'll deal. That episode was fun and funny. It was just great. The Invisible Children episode was so good. I love how much the story actually meant. How important it was for these people to include this story. I loved it. I really liked the mystery, I loved Keith, I loved Piz/V and I love love LOVED Dick!!!! ...Oh, and I hate everyone who thought it was too long since he had broken down in episode 1. Grief shows itself in many different ways. Dick was obviously dealing with it when he came back to Neptune, and thats what we saw in episode 1, but then he put it on the back burner, bc he didn't want to think about it, b/c he blamed himself and hated himself for it. And so, he pushed it out of his mind until he couldn't anymore, when his dad showed up. (Fucking stupid Big Dick.) I think it was again, very realistic of the character of Dick (and for most people) to deal with it all by ignoring it. I think that Ryan Hansen played the scene beautifully. My heart pretty much stopped during the scene, b/c it was so phenomenally acted and written.

Now to the finale, I suppose. There is so much to say about it, but I won't go through it all, scene by scene...though I could, and sort of want to. I'm not really going to break it up too much into the 2 separate hours, since I counted the whole thing as the finale. Well, first of all, YAY for Weevil finally coming around again. Secondly, and slightly more importantly, I loved the scene where V and Piz were on the phone with each other in Piz/Wallace's room. IT WAS SO SEXY!!!! (Not the phone part) Quite honestly, the sexiest moment ever on VM....without a doubt in my mind...and without a close second. Okay, now onto the real stuff. I liked the first mystery...it was good stuff, I liked that Weevil still relies on V!! It was super cute! I wasn't crazy about the set up for Wallace to be in a secret society, but I was okay with it. So, back to my favorite character in the world...I LOVE DICK!!! FUCKING LOVE HIM!!!! When he came out of his room and asked Logan if he tried to stop Cassidy from jumping, my heart literally broke for him. (Oh, and then I got mad at Logan, b/c he DIDN'T do anything!!! Bastard.) Again, Ryan Hansen made me love the most obnoxious character in the history of TV, bc he plays Dick so well. BEACH SCENE?!??!! Maybe the best scene of the season. And when I say maybe, I mean probably!!! I almost peed over Mac and Dick!!! I'm so happy he finally cleared the air...and oh man, her pushing him away was classic!!! (And, a little stupid!!) And then the whole awkward scene between Logan and Piz/V. It was all so good. Logan is an ASS! But I dealt with it well. Although, I think I yelled at my TV, "BITCH!" when Logan was causing drama for no reason.

I liked the way the first mystery was resolved, I liked Weevil being a badass. I liked the idea of a Piz/V sex tape...a LOT! I REALLY liked the way Dick told Logan about the sex tape...Seriously, Ryan Hansen was DEF the star of the night for me! He had at least 3 really amazing moments! And I did like JD's acting of Logan's reaction to it all....BUT I HATED LOGAN FOR WHAT HE DID!!!! It was some serious bullshit to beat the crap out of Piz like that! I was standing in front of the TV yelling at Logan, and cheering for Piz, when I looked over and Rachel (you know, my co-livejournaler and co-VM lover...who is big into Logan/JD) was standing there cheering for LOGAN!!! I got so mad at her, it almost ruined our friendship forever...okay, not really...but I couldn't believe it!! If you were rooting for Logan in that fight, I automatically HATE you! No offense.

But I love that Wallace tried to come to the rescue. He is a sweetheart! And then even Weevil offered V some help. I love how Veronica has friends who would do anything for her. I mean, fine, she doesn't hang out with Weevil, but they love each other...and that's all that matters. V is lucky that she has such an amazing support system...Wallace, Weevil, Keith, and so on.

I was VERY disappointed that spoilers made it seem like a huge deal that Leo was coming back, and in this ep, he had NO lines!!! TOTAL JIP! (Spelling?) Oh, and creepiest part of my night? Seeing a 10x life sized painting of Lilly!!!! Geez, that thing was creepy!!! But I loved that Lilly and Duncan were in the finale in spirit...oh man, so was Beaver!! SO GOOD!!! I liked the way the second mystery was wrapped up...I liked that you could see Veronica was maturing by not wanting an apology from that asshole that Logan beat the shit out of...OBVS NOT TALKING ABOUT PIZ! And I did like that Logan beat that guy up, b/c he was man-handling V...and we all know that's not cool! And I'm happy that Logan apologized to Piz and it seemed like he really did mean it!!!

I am disappointed in Keith, about breaking the law for V. He LOVES the law...and I cant believe he would risk the election and risk losing to VINNY (<3) just to save Veronica. I love Keith, and I love how much he loves V...but I hate her a little for putting him in that situation. Keith is a good Daddy though. I love him a lot.

Now, here is my conclusion...AND IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! But, I am fully aware that noone in their right mind would have read all of this...I'm okay with it. I wrote this more for me anyway. I am mad that people felt a lack of closure with this finale. For two main reasons, one of which most would agree with me on...IT WAS A SEASON FINALE! You can't expect Rob to write a series finale if he thought they would be picked up...b/c then the fans would've been pissed that there was nothing to speculate about for next season. But, more importantly, the real reason I am mad at people who thought there was no closure, is b/c I'm satisfied. I don't even know what kind of closure people could've gotten...I mean, I get that LoVe shippers wanted that to happen, but I'm okay if the closure is her not with Logan. I feel no need to see more. That's a lie...I will always want to know more about VM and all those from Neptune. I just don't feel a loss of closure. I'm fine with Logan walking off, as an adult, able to apologize for his mistakes. With Dick being a crazy bastard, but actually dealing with Beav's death. With Mac and Dick being okay with each other. With Parker being gone. With Mac being with Max. With Leo having a job at an officer again. With Wallace being an amazing friend, and engineer of sorts. With V being with Piz. With V going off to intern at the FBI. With Vinny possibly or probably winning the election. He'll be just like Lamb...and Keith can be the awesome PI he was when I fell in love with his character. I feel like Jake Kane will try to get the charges against Keith dropped, and all will be fine in Neptune....or as fine as they can be with Vinny as the Sheriff. Maybe Weevil will go back to being a PCHer, that would be fun!

I feel closure. I have closure. I like that ALL questions weren't answered. How could they be? I'm happy LoVe wasn't together, b/c even if they ended the series together, they would've broken up the next month anyway.

So, all in all, great finale, whether it be season or series...but I believe it is series. Fingers crossed for a VM movie, b/c I don't want these characters to be gone from my life forever. But if there can't be a movie, I'll live and be happy with the way it all ended.
positively sucktastic

TONIGHT!!! :) [01 May 2007|02:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


...It's been WAY too long!


SINK YOU FOOL!! [04 Apr 2007|06:14pm]
[ mood | sick ]


Rachel here!!

It has finally caught up to me and germs have taken over, making me sick!! And I thought I was going to get through the sick season unscathed. I woke up at 11am today, def the latest I've woken up in a while. And I'm still in my pj's (That just made me think of DC and made me smile) and I'm in the mood for fast food, so you KNOW something is wrong!

Ok, everyone needs to watch SLC Punk. It's a funny, moving, awesome movie AND, as I just discovered today, Francis Capra is in it and plays younger Bob. It was on tv (which is so weird bc I was thinking of it this morning) and it was the end and I was like "that boy looks familiar... OMG is that? NO WAY" so I imdb-ed francis capra and sure enough SLC Punk was listed among his credits!! And that made me happy!

Oh, more VM stuff, in the past two nights both Ryan Hansen and Jason Dohring were in my dream (not at the same time, though that would've been awesome)!! Ryan Hansen said that he loved me and I said that I loved him, which was sweet! And Jason Dohring was just chilling, being awesome! I hope another VM boy is in my dream tonight!! **fingers crossed**

Happy Passover and Easter!!

I guess that's about it!! I don't have school all week so that's pretty sweet!

Ok it's time to get dinner. I'll report back later!

positively sucktastic

In my pants. [28 Mar 2007|04:36am]
Hey all. It's Molly. Just a quick and silly entry.

On my myspace, there was a bulletin that I read...and this was what it said...

Subject the "in my pants" game
Body: OK, here are the rules:
You have to name a TV show and then add the phrase "in my pants." For example, "Planet Earth in my pants" (but you can't use that one).

Now, I'm not a huge fan of reposting bulletins, so I didn't. But I just had to say what mine would've been. "Veronica Mars in my pants"....b/c I WISH!!!!!!!

That's all. Night!

Humpty Dumpty saw it too. He came to the door with a CORKSCREW in his hand. [26 Mar 2007|01:49am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I was supposed to be asleep hours ago. I am exhausted. This weekend was intense. 100% intense. Like Degrassi! (P.S. I enjoy making Degrassi references.) Okay, so this weekend wasn't actually intense, but I couldn't think of a better word for it.

Well, on Friday, I woke up extremely late, and got ready for my show. Mommy wasn't feeling well, so she left the show after intermission. I was sad that she had to go home because I know she wanted to do the show. But I think it was the right decision. So, anyway...Rachel came to the show on Friday, and that was amazing! I love her. She's the best. Then we went out to the diner...and had the saddest waiter I've ever seen in my life. I swear to god, when he asked us what we wanted, it looked like he was about to cry. As if the burden of asking us for our order was too much for him to handle. It was kind of crazy...and definitely awkward.

Then she came over and we watched old fant vids and a bunch of VM!!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! It was crazy! Rachel got super tired and started being silly. "The nipples. THE NIPPLES!" And then she slept over! All in all...AWESOME FRIDAY NIGHT!

We woke up super early on Saturday because Rachel had to get home...and then I couldn't fall right back to sleep, so I was up for a while and then took a nap before the show. Again, mommy wasn't feeling good, so she stayed home and slept...and Becca came over and cleaned the house and took care of her. That was nice of Becca. ME on the other hand...I did the show and then went to Betsey's house for the after-party thing. AND since Cybele had just gotten home from England, I brought her with me to the party. We talked about the Billy Elliot musical on the way to Betsey's (I don't know if it's spelled like that or 'Betsy'...I'm gonna stick with the 'ey' for now.) and then when we got there, went to the wrong house first. OOPS! It was kinda funny. Then we found the house and we walked in and drank some drinks. After that, everything is a bit of a blur...here are the highlights though: Lots of dancing, Cybele being insane, creepy people hitting on Cybele...and me, lots of hugging and picture taking. Then after lots and lots of fun, we left and drove around for a while singing along with Spring Awakening. Finally, after listening to the whole CD, Cybele went home and so did I. When I got home, I couldn't get to my room b/c Rebecca had piled up everything from the entire house on my steps. That was fun...especially b/c I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep.

Then this morning, I had to wake up early (note the lack of sleep all weekend!!!) to get ready for the last day of the show. Mommy was in the show today, so that was a great thing. Cybele came for the first act...and said we were cute. Robert saw the show too. He said it was really good. I don't know if I believe him. But it was nice of him to say. So, blah blah blah, show went well. Then we had the cast party. It was fun-ish. I was sad that most of the cast didnt go. It's kind of silly. I've never seen a cast party so sad and lonely. I mean, it wasn't bad...it was just...sparse. It was cute though.

I'm not gonna lie...this year was my favorite year in LBTG. I mean, not show-wise...but people-wise. It was the first time I ever felt semi involved with anyone there. I like it. I just feel silly that I waited so long to try to join in the fun. And it's weird, b/c I'm actually a little sad that it's over. Only a little though. I'll miss the after the show stuff. That was the good part.

I am super duper seriously exhausted now. I need to sleep. I need to sleep forever. But I cant. I'm meeting Danielle (the girl who is hopefully gonna hire me) tomorrow! But I'm okay with missing sleep to meet her! I'm so excited!!!

Also, if you want fun details of my weekend that wouldn't come across correctly by typing it up on Livejournal, then ask me to tell you about it when we talk! I love you all! Night and sweet dreams.

This is Molly saying goodnight. Um, goodnight!


Question of the day: Is texting using *67 possible? [23 Mar 2007|05:26pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Rachel here... I felt compelled to post since Molly raped the LJ twice in a row, crazy woman! But I love her, and I'm seeing her soon! Hurray! I like how we have mini convos through the LJ, we're silly!

Ok, so I'll start off with how crazy I am. And it has to do with the subject of the post. For some reason the ep of VM where Meg got the anonymous text before the 80's dance (I won't spoil it for anyone and say who actually sent it!) annoyed me. Because Veronica should've just known to look at who sent it. But no one did that. So it got me thinking. Was it sent from a restricted number? And I know, from experience, that if you put *67 before a number when you call a person, it blocks your number. That got me thinking... Can you do that for text messages too? I ended up trying to text Molly like that and all it did was fail and cause network problems. Then I talked to her and she said that his number itself could've been restricted, but I've gotten text messages from people like that and I'm pretty sure their name and stuff came up when they texted me!! So, if anyone knows how it's possible, please tell, because I am insane!!

Oh... I schlepped to Wantagh (Is there a "u" in there?) to the Ben and Jerry's store and got some Americone Dream. It was truly ORGANASMIC. That's right, I said it, what? You wanna fight? I know you don't. I know that you just want to eat some. That's right, be jealous... What the hell am I doing with my life? I honestly don't know anymore!! I almost got killed a couple of times while driving by stupid drivers, but it was worth it!

They should have an "insane" mood. Who do I talk to about that? Because I'm really feeling "insane". Maybe it's offensive to people who are actually legally insane, so nevermind!

The giddy mood is a little sexual. I like it. ROWR!

I actually used the phrase "Because I'm smart and I figured it out" when I was describing things about my math midterm to my dad. And I meant it haha!

Oh, Molly sent me this site with the "dolls" that you dress up. And it had KB <3 Good times, but the clothes were very outdated or neverdated, but it was still fun. They also had Bam Margera and I was like "Whhhattt?"

Ok, so now I'm done. Peace. Out.


Wait'll you see my squeegee! [23 Mar 2007|01:38am]
[ mood | SUPER HAPPY! ]

Okay, so originally, I wanted to only do entry every other time. Does that make sense? I wanted to take turn with Rachel writing in here...BUT...I needed to write again! B/c I am tripping down memory lane!


I wish everyone could experience this. I wish everyone in the world knew my life and could watch these videos and know this people. It's so funny!!! I've gone through all my LBTG shows so far...and let me just say, LBTG has the WORST camera work!!! Like, EVER! It's just bad! But it's kind of cute to watch the videos now that I've talked to some of these people...and it only took me 4 years! Yay me!

And now I'm watching the Sondheim show that we did at Fant...well, actually, it's only the first act. I never got the second act on tape. Not so happy about that! I wanna see it!!! It's SO funny! (Notice, I did not say good!) I mean, it's not horrid...but it's not good! First of all, Joe should've played it...using a CD is just a mess. Second of all, some people shouldn't ever sing...EVER. These people should also not wear see through dresses, but whatevs! My voice is not in it's best shape, I couldn't do head voice stuff...but my belt is there, as usual. I'm pretty funny too. Not that great, but pretty silly. I will say this about me though...I should always play a classy person...b/c I do it well. AND...my hair looks AWESOME! It's SO shiny!!! I like that about hair! My hair is def the best of all the girls in this show...although the other girl IS wearing a wig. So, I guess it's not fair to compare. Oh man. It's just so funny.

Also, I just want to say, for the record...I MISS CHRIS! I MISS DOING SHOWS WITH HIM!!! I MISS DOING HIM IN SHOWS!!! We were a good pair on stage. Oooo...I just hit a BAD note. Not a fan of that. But Joe messed up on the piano, so it's not ALL my fault!

I think I might make Rachel watch this with me sometime. It's that funny...and she's the only one who'll understand why!!!

That's my whole update for today!!! ...And read my last entry...it's a good one. Top notch! Night!

Love always, Molly.


This shit is Trilllllliany! [22 Mar 2007|03:37am]
[ mood | Punchy...in honor of Rachel. ]

Listen, Babies...Molly here. Hi!

Sorry that I started out by saying "Listen, babies"...but a cutie boy says that very funnily...so it's been in my head.

So, what did I want to write about? Well, first of all, to clear up the question that Rachel asked...NO I DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH MY PROMISE OF a blowjob. But give me another week, and we'll see. OBVS KIDDING!

Hmm...so, I'm just gonna start out with the obvious...I've been missing VM lately. It's weird, but very true. I hate that there are no new episodes. And not only that, but I haven't seen Rachel in forever, so I haven't even been able to be silly with her and watch the roof scene. So, I had to recite it all myself, while looking at pictures of the scene. Yes, it's true, I have lost my mind! And I'm okay with it!

What else? Ah yes,the insomnia is just as fun as ever...and since it's never been fun, yeah...you get it! Um, I had an AMAZING conversation with my sister today where we were both REALLY funny when talking about our love for Jamie Bell (AKA Billy Elliot!) We made up the word "Trilliany" (or you can spell it with more 'l's) and it means "really really really freaking awesome!" Which is what this LJ is!!! And my favorite thing that I've ever said was when Sarah (my sister) said that she just wants to cuddle with Jamie Bell and have him whisper sweet nothings in her ear, and I replied, "yeah, it would be all good to have the spooning...but what good is a spoon when you wanna eat meat?? That's when you need a GOOD fork." I swear, I'm like a word magician!!! You don't have to agree.

So, I have 3 essays due tomorrow...it's a midterm. I have 2 1/2 written. Sort of. More like 2 1/4, but I was being hopeful! I just want to finish it, but I'm so tired, so I think I'll get up an hour early tomorrow, and that should be more than enough time to finish it...if I don't waste time.

Um, okay...so I've been losing weight again lately. Good thing. I haven't lost a lot...and not enough, but it'll come in time. Slow and steady...you know the rest. What else? Oh, well I talked to Robert tonight. That was interesting, seeing as I think the last time I talked to him was about 2 months ago. It was nice to talk to him. I just want us to be able to not play the stupid games...I want us to be able to be friends. I think he's seeing the show this weekend. That would be nice!

YA KNOW WHO ELSE IS SEEING MY SHOW THIS WEEKEND?!?!! RACHEL!!! She is a cutie! (Oh, and ya know who's NOT seeing it? Andrew. Bastard! ...Not really.) So, speaking of Rachel and of VM (before)...I was reading our cast list, and I really wanna post it...it's SO funny! But I'll wait for approval from Rachel...so, let me know!!!

Anyway, I'm a little sad b/c there is someone i love that I haven't talked to since Saturday night...and I refuse to start the conversation b/c I think they really hurt me...but I don't know why they won't talk to me. I'm afraid that they haven't even noticed that I'm not talking to them until they initiate the conversation. I hope that's not the case!

OMG. So, first of all...I love everyone. And I basically miss everyone b/c I never see anyone that i love. So, I was missing the summer, and decided stumbled upon the vid of Lindsay falling off a chair while singing "Turn Back, O Man" and it made me smile! A LOT!!!

Well, let's end on this good note!


positively sucktastic

Rachel here with breaking news... Not really... Ok... Not at all! [20 Mar 2007|11:21am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Rachel here!

Ok, so I have the tv on and a commercial for The Colbert Report came on (if you don't watch it, you have some 'splainin to do) and I just remembered that in my dream last night, I brough Americone Dreams (the Ben and Jerry's ice cream dedicated to Colbert) and I was so happy because I FINALLY found it!! And now I just realized that I don't have it in real life and that makes me infinitely sad!!! Does anyone know where I can find it?? Because I am literally dying inside because I can't find it. And I've looked, oh believe me, I've looked. I've rearranged the entire B&J section in Pathmark and 7-11 looking for it, and being extremely upset when I was not successful! (side note: just realized that their first initials are BJ... hehehehehehe... Yes, I am five... And punchy)

I like how long I can ramble on about ice cream! And I'm sure I could've gone on for longer!!

I saw a commercial for the PCD show and I wanted to throw my tv out the window. VM should be on tonight... At least in re-run form!! Was VM in my dream last night too? I have a sneaking suspicion that it was. They ALWAYS end up in my dreams!

I read Molly's post and I laughed because she is quite a silly girl. I wonder if she did go through with her promise!! ;)

Oh I've been saying "Cause I'm smart and I figured it out... and somebody told me" A LOT! Which makes me a bigger loser!

And now I'm watching the CL/KB video! SO GOOD!

...The food!


Happy belated St. Pats, all! [18 Mar 2007|07:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey bitches! It's your best friend forever...Molly! What's going down guys? Cool. Same here!

So...let's discuss this weekend, shall we? (P.S. It doesn't matter if you agree to it or not, b/c I'm gonna keep going either way!) Okay, so as we all know last night was a major event!!! That's right guys, my show opened! It was so boring! It took sooo long! I was exhausted by the end...and I just wanted to go home and sleep!!! But I couldn't, b/c it was also St. Patrick's Day. And Cybele was home...b/c she missed her flight to London. So I felt bad, so I told her that we would have some fun! AND BOY, DID WE EVER!

First of all, usually after the shows (or rehearsals) the cast goes to this bar type place called Billys! So, Cybele and I decided to go there...I didn't think we would stay long, b/c i was afraid it would be awkward...and it was. At first. Then we started to drink. And I got way "drunker" than I've ever been before. I don't think I've ever been really drunk though. But I think last night I was as close to being drunk as I could have been without actually being drunk. Did that make sense? Whatevs! So, I got very silly...and that was FUN!!!! So, I started talking to people that I NEVER talk to! Like people that I've known for years, but never (or almost never) had a conversation with! It was completely insane! It was SOOO much fun! I ended up offering this guy a blowjob...kidding, of course...if he'd let me be his best friend...and then i told everyone about it. And the deal ended up being 4 blowjobs if I wanted to be his number 1 best friend. So it was a deal! It was intense! WAY intense.

Then later, me and Cybele decided to go and dance...so we went to this bar in Long Beach and we danced for a while. IT WAS AMAZING! She is sooo funny! She is the greatest best friend! Finally, we were tired and took a cab to our respective homes. It was an awesome night!!!

Today, I had another show (Where everyone mentioned the whole blowjob/best friend thing to me...including the guy I offered it to...who shouted at me from across the theater, "Hey buddy, you owe me something!") and Daddy, Sarah and Eli came to see it! I'm happy they came...b/c any time I can spend with them is good time!!! Unfortunately I only got to spend like an hour with them overall. But it was enough time to tell them all about how drunk I was the night before and how funny I was!

Overall, one of the best weekends of my life!!!! I mean, there was some stuff that it lacked...some people. But all in all, it was amazingly fun!!!

But now, since, apparently we must talk about VM here, I will share my thoughts on the current state of affairs. Well, first of all, I am still hating that whole Pussycat Dolls bullcorn. And I hate anyone who watches it. Secondly, when I read the (now thankfully known WRONG) report about VM almost DEF being cancelled I started to cry. Like actual tears! I was so unhappy about it! I just don't understand! Not at all! And I am also not a fan of the idea of flashing forward. I mean, I'd have to watch, b/c I need me some Veronica...but I'll be upset about it! I think that they are making enough changes already...I think they need to wait and see if people will come in for single episode mysteries only. I am just hoping that they do...I need people to watch this show. I need it to stay on the air. I'll beat a bitch down if it doesnt! ...Just sayin'.

Okay, I think that's all I've got for now! I'll write again soon!!! Night. And sweet dreams.

P.S. I adore Rachel...she is the Veronica to my Mac..and yeah, we're cool like that!

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It makes me ill. [18 Mar 2007|05:26pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Rachel here!

I posted in my xanga. I haven't done that in a long time. I think the lj brought me back to it.

Anyhoo, I told one of my friends about vm and how it might be set in the future and whatnot and she was upset, even though she's only watched the first season, she's hooked.

I feel like I can only post vm stuff in here, since the page is so vm-ed out! It's so pretty!! **Sigh**

I feel like watching four eps in the middle of season two and I don't know why... Oh that's right, I'm insane! Ok, I know why now. :)

The title of this entry is because of an *NYSNC song that I was listening to in the shower and it makes me ill to think that after May, there's a possibility that there will no longer be new vm episodes on my tv!

Ok anyone who doesn't want to be emo, don't read the paragraph above this one!!

BTW I saw the mood touched and I thought "Touch me, just like that, and I'll... Oh yeah, now that's heaven..." and I had to put that as my mood!


No, there is too much. Let me sum up! [12 Mar 2007|09:50pm]
[ mood | Eh... ]

Hi all! Molly here! And let me first say, that when I opened up this journal today, I almost peed in excitement that Rachel had written!!! I know, I'm crazy! But it made me really happy! I just think that we're so freaking cute!

Anyway though. The reason I am writing is to tell the world, again, I say that meaning probs only Rachel, about my stupid show. Um, first of all, it's horrible and I'm barely in it, and second of all, everyone should see it!!!! Please!!!! And thanks!

Oh, P.S. I adore Rachel's title of her last entry...Popping cherries and taking names. It was sexy! I think my subject name will be anti-sexy! I don't know what it will be yet, but we'll see what I can do!

Hmm...what else? OH...So I know I've said this before, but seriously, OldSpringsPike.com ... GO THERE! So good! Or, go to their myspace. Or go to Johnny Gallagher's myspace! Just do something that will support them and their amazing music!

So, I was watching my 2nd DVD of Life As We Know It late last night...and A. I adore Peter Dinklage...and B. I adore the show...and C. I adore Jon Foster..and D. I adore Chris Lowell!!! The show is really funny...and all the characters are growing on me!!! BUT...as much as I love Chris Lowell, I'm a little mad at his character right now! He's being stupid, and I might have to beat him down!

Speaking of me being mad at Chris Lowell, (P.S. I think I've said his name about 10 times already!) I am still in a heartbroken state over this whole Grey's Anatomy bullcorn! It just gets me so upset! Why make people fall in love with a character just in time for them to leave? It's silly and mean and silly!

Um, I have nothing more to say really. Not a thing! Just to recap: See my show, listen to Old Springs Pike, watch Life as We Know It and boycott the stupid Grey's Anatomy spin off! Thanks and goodnight!

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Popping cherries and taking names! [11 Mar 2007|03:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This is the first time I've ever posted in a livejournal. This is Rachel btw. I saw that Molly informed the masses of our awesome collaboration.

I should be studying math, but I thought a nice, mild Sunday afternoon would be a good time as any to pop my livejournal cherry.

This has been fun. When Molly came over on Friday/Saturday, she informed me that Chris Lowell will be in a spin off of Grey's. That makes me sad. Especially after seeing the now famous CL/KB interview and their cuteness, both separately and together. It also makes me think that VM may not be picked up for another season. That makes me sadder. One cannot survive on three seasons of VM alone. This livejournal will become a VM discussion board faster than I can say "anthropomorphic" (and it actually does take me a while to say, but whatever).

Oh yeah, happy daylights saving time to everyone. I hope that you sprung foward effeciently. I know I did. ;)

I think my job of looking absolutely insane is done here. :)

One eyed Willy cannot wink, he can only blink.


[10 Mar 2007|04:21am]
Just wanted to let the world know...and by the world, I mean, um...noone really...but whatevs...the point is, this is a joint livejournal now. I'm sharing it with Rachel!!!! It's gonna be super cute! I almost cried b/c of all the cuteness! We are going to share it...and you will LOVE it! Again, I don't really know who you are...but whoever you are, I assure you that you will love it!

Um, so from this point on, this lovely livejournal is property of Molly and Rachel!


Old Springs Pike. [09 Mar 2007|06:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, as it turns out, Old Springs Pike is really amazing.  I love their music.  It makes me smile.  I don't really have much else to say aside of that...Just wanted to share my love of OSP.  Listen to them!!!  Seriously!  Thanks!


[09 Mar 2007|01:22am]
[ mood | blank ]

This is my first entry. I am at Elisa's house. With Alex. We are watching Arrested Development. This show makes me laugh. The end.

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