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Popping cherries and taking names!

This is the first time I've ever posted in a livejournal. This is Rachel btw. I saw that Molly informed the masses of our awesome collaboration.

I should be studying math, but I thought a nice, mild Sunday afternoon would be a good time as any to pop my livejournal cherry.

This has been fun. When Molly came over on Friday/Saturday, she informed me that Chris Lowell will be in a spin off of Grey's. That makes me sad. Especially after seeing the now famous CL/KB interview and their cuteness, both separately and together. It also makes me think that VM may not be picked up for another season. That makes me sadder. One cannot survive on three seasons of VM alone. This livejournal will become a VM discussion board faster than I can say "anthropomorphic" (and it actually does take me a while to say, but whatever).

Oh yeah, happy daylights saving time to everyone. I hope that you sprung foward effeciently. I know I did. ;)

I think my job of looking absolutely insane is done here. :)

One eyed Willy cannot wink, he can only blink.
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