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No, there is too much. Let me sum up!

Hi all! Molly here! And let me first say, that when I opened up this journal today, I almost peed in excitement that Rachel had written!!! I know, I'm crazy! But it made me really happy! I just think that we're so freaking cute!

Anyway though. The reason I am writing is to tell the world, again, I say that meaning probs only Rachel, about my stupid show. Um, first of all, it's horrible and I'm barely in it, and second of all, everyone should see it!!!! Please!!!! And thanks!

Oh, P.S. I adore Rachel's title of her last entry...Popping cherries and taking names. It was sexy! I think my subject name will be anti-sexy! I don't know what it will be yet, but we'll see what I can do!

Hmm...what else? OH...So I know I've said this before, but seriously, ... GO THERE! So good! Or, go to their myspace. Or go to Johnny Gallagher's myspace! Just do something that will support them and their amazing music!

So, I was watching my 2nd DVD of Life As We Know It late last night...and A. I adore Peter Dinklage...and B. I adore the show...and C. I adore Jon Foster..and D. I adore Chris Lowell!!! The show is really funny...and all the characters are growing on me!!! much as I love Chris Lowell, I'm a little mad at his character right now! He's being stupid, and I might have to beat him down!

Speaking of me being mad at Chris Lowell, (P.S. I think I've said his name about 10 times already!) I am still in a heartbroken state over this whole Grey's Anatomy bullcorn! It just gets me so upset! Why make people fall in love with a character just in time for them to leave? It's silly and mean and silly!

Um, I have nothing more to say really. Not a thing! Just to recap: See my show, listen to Old Springs Pike, watch Life as We Know It and boycott the stupid Grey's Anatomy spin off! Thanks and goodnight!
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