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Happy belated St. Pats, all!

Hey bitches! It's your best friend forever...Molly! What's going down guys? Cool. Same here!

So...let's discuss this weekend, shall we? (P.S. It doesn't matter if you agree to it or not, b/c I'm gonna keep going either way!) Okay, so as we all know last night was a major event!!! That's right guys, my show opened! It was so boring! It took sooo long! I was exhausted by the end...and I just wanted to go home and sleep!!! But I couldn't, b/c it was also St. Patrick's Day. And Cybele was home...b/c she missed her flight to London. So I felt bad, so I told her that we would have some fun! AND BOY, DID WE EVER!

First of all, usually after the shows (or rehearsals) the cast goes to this bar type place called Billys! So, Cybele and I decided to go there...I didn't think we would stay long, b/c i was afraid it would be awkward...and it was. At first. Then we started to drink. And I got way "drunker" than I've ever been before. I don't think I've ever been really drunk though. But I think last night I was as close to being drunk as I could have been without actually being drunk. Did that make sense? Whatevs! So, I got very silly...and that was FUN!!!! So, I started talking to people that I NEVER talk to! Like people that I've known for years, but never (or almost never) had a conversation with! It was completely insane! It was SOOO much fun! I ended up offering this guy a blowjob...kidding, of course...if he'd let me be his best friend...and then i told everyone about it. And the deal ended up being 4 blowjobs if I wanted to be his number 1 best friend. So it was a deal! It was intense! WAY intense.

Then later, me and Cybele decided to go and we went to this bar in Long Beach and we danced for a while. IT WAS AMAZING! She is sooo funny! She is the greatest best friend! Finally, we were tired and took a cab to our respective homes. It was an awesome night!!!

Today, I had another show (Where everyone mentioned the whole blowjob/best friend thing to me...including the guy I offered it to...who shouted at me from across the theater, "Hey buddy, you owe me something!") and Daddy, Sarah and Eli came to see it! I'm happy they came...b/c any time I can spend with them is good time!!! Unfortunately I only got to spend like an hour with them overall. But it was enough time to tell them all about how drunk I was the night before and how funny I was!

Overall, one of the best weekends of my life!!!! I mean, there was some stuff that it lacked...some people. But all in all, it was amazingly fun!!!

But now, since, apparently we must talk about VM here, I will share my thoughts on the current state of affairs. Well, first of all, I am still hating that whole Pussycat Dolls bullcorn. And I hate anyone who watches it. Secondly, when I read the (now thankfully known WRONG) report about VM almost DEF being cancelled I started to cry. Like actual tears! I was so unhappy about it! I just don't understand! Not at all! And I am also not a fan of the idea of flashing forward. I mean, I'd have to watch, b/c I need me some Veronica...but I'll be upset about it! I think that they are making enough changes already...I think they need to wait and see if people will come in for single episode mysteries only. I am just hoping that they do...I need people to watch this show. I need it to stay on the air. I'll beat a bitch down if it doesnt! ...Just sayin'.

Okay, I think that's all I've got for now! I'll write again soon!!! Night. And sweet dreams.

P.S. I adore Rachel...she is the Veronica to my Mac..and yeah, we're cool like that!
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