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Wait'll you see my squeegee!

Okay, so originally, I wanted to only do entry every other time. Does that make sense? I wanted to take turn with Rachel writing in here...BUT...I needed to write again! B/c I am tripping down memory lane!


I wish everyone could experience this. I wish everyone in the world knew my life and could watch these videos and know this people. It's so funny!!! I've gone through all my LBTG shows so far...and let me just say, LBTG has the WORST camera work!!! Like, EVER! It's just bad! But it's kind of cute to watch the videos now that I've talked to some of these people...and it only took me 4 years! Yay me!

And now I'm watching the Sondheim show that we did at Fant...well, actually, it's only the first act. I never got the second act on tape. Not so happy about that! I wanna see it!!! It's SO funny! (Notice, I did not say good!) I mean, it's not horrid...but it's not good! First of all, Joe should've played it...using a CD is just a mess. Second of all, some people shouldn't ever sing...EVER. These people should also not wear see through dresses, but whatevs! My voice is not in it's best shape, I couldn't do head voice stuff...but my belt is there, as usual. I'm pretty funny too. Not that great, but pretty silly. I will say this about me though...I should always play a classy person...b/c I do it well. hair looks AWESOME! It's SO shiny!!! I like that about hair! My hair is def the best of all the girls in this show...although the other girl IS wearing a wig. So, I guess it's not fair to compare. Oh man. It's just so funny.

Also, I just want to say, for the record...I MISS CHRIS! I MISS DOING SHOWS WITH HIM!!! I MISS DOING HIM IN SHOWS!!! We were a good pair on stage. Oooo...I just hit a BAD note. Not a fan of that. But Joe messed up on the piano, so it's not ALL my fault!

I think I might make Rachel watch this with me sometime. It's that funny...and she's the only one who'll understand why!!!

That's my whole update for today!!! ...And read my last's a good one. Top notch! Night!

Love always, Molly.
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