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Question of the day: Is texting using *67 possible?

Rachel here... I felt compelled to post since Molly raped the LJ twice in a row, crazy woman! But I love her, and I'm seeing her soon! Hurray! I like how we have mini convos through the LJ, we're silly!

Ok, so I'll start off with how crazy I am. And it has to do with the subject of the post. For some reason the ep of VM where Meg got the anonymous text before the 80's dance (I won't spoil it for anyone and say who actually sent it!) annoyed me. Because Veronica should've just known to look at who sent it. But no one did that. So it got me thinking. Was it sent from a restricted number? And I know, from experience, that if you put *67 before a number when you call a person, it blocks your number. That got me thinking... Can you do that for text messages too? I ended up trying to text Molly like that and all it did was fail and cause network problems. Then I talked to her and she said that his number itself could've been restricted, but I've gotten text messages from people like that and I'm pretty sure their name and stuff came up when they texted me!! So, if anyone knows how it's possible, please tell, because I am insane!!

Oh... I schlepped to Wantagh (Is there a "u" in there?) to the Ben and Jerry's store and got some Americone Dream. It was truly ORGANASMIC. That's right, I said it, what? You wanna fight? I know you don't. I know that you just want to eat some. That's right, be jealous... What the hell am I doing with my life? I honestly don't know anymore!! I almost got killed a couple of times while driving by stupid drivers, but it was worth it!

They should have an "insane" mood. Who do I talk to about that? Because I'm really feeling "insane". Maybe it's offensive to people who are actually legally insane, so nevermind!

The giddy mood is a little sexual. I like it. ROWR!

I actually used the phrase "Because I'm smart and I figured it out" when I was describing things about my math midterm to my dad. And I meant it haha!

Oh, Molly sent me this site with the "dolls" that you dress up. And it had KB <3 Good times, but the clothes were very outdated or neverdated, but it was still fun. They also had Bam Margera and I was like "Whhhattt?"

Ok, so now I'm done. Peace. Out.
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