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Rachel here!!

It has finally caught up to me and germs have taken over, making me sick!! And I thought I was going to get through the sick season unscathed. I woke up at 11am today, def the latest I've woken up in a while. And I'm still in my pj's (That just made me think of DC and made me smile) and I'm in the mood for fast food, so you KNOW something is wrong!

Ok, everyone needs to watch SLC Punk. It's a funny, moving, awesome movie AND, as I just discovered today, Francis Capra is in it and plays younger Bob. It was on tv (which is so weird bc I was thinking of it this morning) and it was the end and I was like "that boy looks familiar... OMG is that? NO WAY" so I imdb-ed francis capra and sure enough SLC Punk was listed among his credits!! And that made me happy!

Oh, more VM stuff, in the past two nights both Ryan Hansen and Jason Dohring were in my dream (not at the same time, though that would've been awesome)!! Ryan Hansen said that he loved me and I said that I loved him, which was sweet! And Jason Dohring was just chilling, being awesome! I hope another VM boy is in my dream tonight!! **fingers crossed**

Happy Passover and Easter!!

I guess that's about it!! I don't have school all week so that's pretty sweet!

Ok it's time to get dinner. I'll report back later!
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