organasmic (organasmic) wrote,

Long time, no see!

Rachel here!!

I felt like posting because no one has in the longest time and I know everyone is just sitting there WAITING for there to be another post!

I loved Molly's analysis and in my defense, I only rooted for Logan until I saw how badly he hurt Piz. And she forgot to mention that detail! Haha I'm such a loser for taking things so seriously! And for taking it so seriously like a hundred years later!

Nothing really has been going on here... Just typical busy and such. I start working at a camp on Thursday, so that should make me tired... More tired than I usually am!!

I went upstate for my cousin's graduation this past weekend!! It was fun to see everyone because my family is awesome and funny and crazy... That's just how we roll!! The only downside is that I didn't sleep well either night... Oh well!! It's crazy to think that it's been a year since I graduated high school... The time seriously just flies by faster than anyone can every imagine! It's scary... I kind of just want to stop time... So if there are any scientists out there reading this, could you get on that? Because that would be great... Thanks!

Ok, well I guess I am done, for I have nothing else to say as of now!!

Peace. Out.
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